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groups exhibition 2023

your ends you roots 

an exhibitions about hair. 

hairsalon oqma.


A 32 year old woman with a blond ponytail. Stockholm 2023.


A depiction of my own life. My human imprinted, unique or very not unique behaviors, patterns and actions of mine as a Swedish woman with a blond ponytail in my early thirties in 2023. 


It’s less complicated to observe and understand your own behaviors and habits when you remove the body out of the picture. It almost gets a bit silly, giggly and so obvious. A different perspective of it, and is it stuck for life? It became clearer to me how much my identity, as my personality comes along with my hair. As I presume for many other people.

My everyday ordinary blond ponytail.


Each photo defines a behavior. 

1. the recurrence fun mess
2. restless legs
3. the inner kiddo who forever don’t wants to leave
4. the locked up mind, a cloggy thought
5. resistance do to and be in peace, but to be there

6. the constant ambivalent feeling for the aerobics 

7. to be conformity

8. always say yes

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